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  • Shannon Kane in “Brooklyn’s Finest”-Scene 1

Shannon Kane in “Brooklyn’s Finest”-Scene 1

Shannon Kane seen through an open window riding her man in “Brooklyn’s Finest”.

Tamara Tunie in “The Devil’s Advocate”

Tamara Tunie stripping topless in a dressing room in the 1997 movie “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Karimah Westbrook in “Baadassssss!”-Scene 2

Karimah Westbrook covered in body paint joining two men in bed in Baadassssss!

Birgundi Baker in “The Chi”

Birgundi Baker topless love scene in “The Chi”.

Candice Renee in “Bruh”-Scene 2

Candice Renee receiving oral sex from a man in the BET series “Bruh”.

Alyssa Goss in “Bruh”-Scene 1

Alyssa Goss showing us her breasts while riding her man in the BET series Bruh.

Keesha Sharp-American Adobo(2001)

Keesha Sharp topless but covering her breasts with her hands in the 2001 movie “American Adobo”.

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine is an actress. She had a role in the series Everybody Hates Chris as Rochelle’s mother. In film, Devine appeared in Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife, Hoodlum, I Am Sam,…

Lonette Mckee in “Dangerous Passion”

Lonette Mckee sitting topless on top of a Carl Weather’s lap in “Dangerous Passion”.

Yvonne Ross-Fight for Your Life

Yvonne Ross is raped by a white intruder in “Fight for Your Life”(1977).