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Yvonne Ross-Fight for Your Life

Yvonne Ross is raped by a white intruder in “Fight for Your Life”(1977).

Lola Falana in “The Klansman”

Lola Falana being stripped naked by a police officer in the 1974 movie “The Klansman”.

Sandy Grizzle in “Death Wish III”

Sandy Grizzle is stripped naked by some goons in “Death Wish 3”.

Gina Ravera in “Showgirls”

Gina Ravera rape scene in “Showgirls”.

Nicole Ari Parker in “Soul Food”-Scene 4

Terri and Damon get stripped naked by a mugger showing us their butts in “Soul Food”.

Lisa Moore in “Act of Vengeance”

Lisa Moore is tied to a chair and stripped by a masked intruder in the 1974 movie “Act of Vengeance”.