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Carmen Ejogo in “Born to be Blue”

Carmen Ejogo sexy scene compilation from the 2015 movie “Born to Be Blue”.

Eva Marcille in “All the Queens Men”-S.2 E.3

Eva Marcille love scene in “All the Queens Men”. Eva Marcille graphic love scene with Christian Keyes in “All the Queens Men”-season 2 episode 3. Eva Marcille graphic love scene…

Tiffany Boone in “The Chi”-S.1 E.9

Tiffany Boone sexy love scene in the series “The Chi”-season 1 episode 9.

Lonette McKee in “Jungle Fever”

Lonette McKee sex scene with Wesley Snipes in “Jungle Fever”.

Thandiwe Newton in “All the Old Knives”-Scene 2

Thandiwe Newton making out with a guy as they undress and move to a bed where we see her naked on top of him, showing her breasts as she rides…

Blythe Howard in “Power Book IV: Force”-S.1 E.6

Blythe Howard showing her ass and breasts while having sex in multiple positions in “Power Book IV: Force”-season 1 episode 6 .

Mareme N’Diaye in “Amin”-Scene 1

Mareme N’Diaye showing her breasts while having missionary sex in “Amin”.

Dawn Stern in “On the Edge”

Dawn Stern nude scene compilation from the 2002 movie “On the Edge”. Scene 1-Having missionary sex with a man. Scene 2-Coming out of the shower completely naked.

Tanisha Harper in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

Tanisha Harper sexy love scene in the series Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Kerry Washington in “Mother and Child”

Kerry Washington sexy love scene with David Ramsey in “Mother and Child”.