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  • Karimah Westbrook in “Baadassssss!”-Scene 1

Karimah Westbrook in “Baadassssss!”-Scene 1

Karimah Westbrook stripping in front of a group of people in the 2003 movie Baadasssss!

Lola Falana in “The Klansman”

Lola Falana being stripped naked by a police officer in the 1974 movie “The Klansman”.


Normaline is a british actress who appeared in the 1976 movie “Intimate Games”.

Pam Grier in “Hit Man”-Scene 1

Pam Grier stripping naked to have fun with her man in “Hit Man”.

Debbi Morgan in “Mandingo”

Debbi Morgan in “Cry Uncle!”-Scene 2

Thandie Newton in “The Leading Man”

Thandie Newton breasts and bush scene in “The Leading Man”.

Thandie Newton in “Westworld”-S.1 E.6

Thandie Newton sitting completely nude on a table in “Westworld”-season 1 episode 6.

Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball”

Halle Berry real sex scene with Billy Bob Thorton in “Monster’s Ball”.

Thandie Newton in “Beloved”(1999)

Thandie Newton opening up her gown to show her bush in the 1999 movie “Beloved”.