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  • Samantha Logan in “The Empty Man”

Samantha Logan in “The Empty Man”

Samantha Logan nude in a sauna in “The Empty Man”.

Thandie Newton in “Beloved”(1999)

Thandie Newton opening up her gown to show her bush in the 1999 movie “Beloved”.

Naturi Naughton in “Power”-Scene 2

Naturi Naughton having sex in a limousine in “Power”.

Lala Anthony in “Power”-Scene 2

Lala Anthony having sex on a kitchen counter in “Power”-season 4 episode 2.

Dawn Stern

Dawn Stern is a model and an actress. From 2003 to 2004, Stern starred as Callista (Callie) Larkadia in Starhunter 2300, a Canadian science-fiction television series. She also appeared in…

Lala Anthony in “Power”-Scene 1

Lala Anthony riding a man topless in “Power”.

Debbi Morgan in “Cry Uncle!”

Debbi Morgan as a nude hooker in “Cry Uncle!”.

Kassius Nelson in “White Lines-S.1 E.5

Kassius Nelson seen through an open door riding a man in “White Lines”-season 1 episode 5.

Stacey Dash in “Tennessee Waltz-Scene 2

SStacey Dash lying on top of a man nude showing some side boob in “Tennessee Waltz”.

Stacey Dash in “Tennessee Waltz”-Scene 1

SStacey Dash walking into a room stark naked in the 1989 movie Tennessee Waltz.