Sandy Grizzle in “Death Wish 3″

Sandy Grizzle being raped in “Death Wish 3″.

Lucienne Camille in “Bel Ami”

Lucienne Camille stripping naked in front of a man in “Bel Ami”.

Angelique Mbumb in “Viva Riva!”

Angelique Mbumb love scene in “Viva Riva!”.

Sandra Nkake in “The Girl”

Sandra Nkake posing naked for a painting in “The Girl”.

Kerry Washington in “Django Unchained”

Kerry Washington as a naked slave in “Django Unchained”.

Kerry Washington in “Mother and Child”

Kerry Washington love scene in “Mother and Child”.

Kerry Washington in “The Last King in Scotland”

Kerry Washington showing her naked butt in bed in “The Last King of Scotland”.

Kerry Washington


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Kerry Washington is an actress. She has been nude in several movies including “She Hate Me”, “Sexual Life” and “Django Unchained”.

Vernee Watson-Johnson


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Vernee Watson-Johnson is an actress who is best known for being in the 70′s series “Welcome Back Kotter”. She also appeared in an episode of the series “The Love Boat”. Vernee is sexy in a see through bra in the movie “Trick Baby”.

Khahtee V. Turner


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Khahtee V. Turner is an actress who is nude in the movie “Robin’s Hood”.

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